Grochem Australia is a subsidiary of the Grochem Group which is a New Zealand based Company founded in 1993. The company specialises in Plant Nutrition, Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Plant Growth Regulators, Adjuvants, Biologicals, Thinning and Pheromones. The business continues to grow rapidly driven by the needs of the horticultural industry within Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Grochem works very closely with innovative scientists and researchers to develop new and viable products that are effective and environmentally sustainable.  This in turn is helping the industry meet the challenging demands of consumers and enabling crops to be grown more sustainably. Grochem Australia’s product range has many unique label use patterns across fungicides, insecticides, adjuvants and specialty products, along with a significant and ever-expanding product development program. Grochem’s philosophy is: We listen, we research and develop, and we deliver. More information:, Ph: 1800 777 068, E: