Quality. Efficiency. Taste.

The Mount Torrens Holdings team understands the blood, sweat and tears that goes into an olive harvest because we live it ourselves, year after year. This constant striving for the best extraction and oil quality has led us to import the machinery we believe in and use ourselves, Officine Mecchaniche Toscane S.P.A. One of the leaders in olive plant technology, OMT S.P.A. have been operating in the oil sector since 1936, offering flexible, reliable, and technologically-advanced plant solutions.

Offering state-of-the-art plant for small to large mills, all OMT S.P.A. plant options are created to help you achieve the highest organoleptic and polyphenolic quality in your olives, while maximizing yield at low temperatures.

Come and talk with us about your processing needs, and get ready to make the next olive harvest your best one yet.

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