All plants need water and nutrients to thrive. How much they need, and when they need it is often difficult to precisely determine. You need a lot of data to help you make these decisions, including information about the weather, your soil and your type of plant. SWAN Systems has been designed to ingest data from an irrigation operation, analyse it, and then provide daily management insights. SWAN has the power to schedule irrigation seven days out, manage nutrient applications, monitor crop health, and create water and nutrient budgets. The data and outputs of SWAN Systems are accessible through a range of customised reports and data extracts that can be used to fine tune future seasons and continue to improve irrigation operations. Using this approach will help you to optimise input costs and desired outputs, while minimising environmental impacts. You will save time, money, water and nutrients. Ph: 1300 121 250; +61 8 6323 2206, E:, W: